No Bees, No Life




In the book, you will discover why bees are important. The main authors Peter Kozmus, Boštjan Noč and Karolina Vrtačnik invited 66 authors from 32 countries from all over the world to participate. The book is a real encyclopedia of knowledge about the meaning of bees. The 352 pages present a variety of topics, from the history of bees, bee products, the importance of beekeeping education, to the importance of bees and the reasons for their endangerment. Different ways of beekeeping around the world, apitherapy, beekeeping tourism, the importance of bees in religion, the example of bees as an exemplary life of values and how beekeeping can help people with disabilities are also described. It is written in the vernacular, but still on a professional basis.

The book won a silver medal at the APIMONDIA international competition!

The book is a great gift for students as well as seniors who don’t care about bees and preserving the environment!

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